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C-CURE 9000 is one of the industry's most powerful security management systems providing 24x7 mission-critical security and safety protection for people, buildings, and assets.




It provides a standard approach to physical access authorization throughout all your buildings, regardless of age, layout, or location that you can access on your workstation, laptop, or mobile device. The native interfaces combined with the Connected Partner Program help us to deliver seamless integrations with over 300+ third-party security and business technologies.

This provides interlocking layers of security protection from the perimeter to the center. C•CURE 9000 continues to deliver the longest operational life for your hardware while evolving to include the most up-to-date features for today's leading-edge security technologies.

Access Control

  • C-Cure Hardware

  • C-Cure Software

  • CloudGate

Key Features
  • OSDP support for reader to panel communications on iSTAR Ultra Series controllers

  • Supports up to 5,000 readers per single server and 60 satellite application server scalability for Enterprise systems

  • Enterprise system remains operational throughout upgrade process with multi-version software support

  • Access to C•CURE 9000 from any internet browser with C•CURE Web

  • Administer and monitor C•CURE 9000 from your mobile device with C•CURE Go

  • Software House Connected Partner Program for standards-based integrations

  • Part of the Cyber Protection Program to reduce the risk of vulnerabilities

How to Integrate?

Please contact CloudGate technical support team for integration

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