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Johnson Controls P2000

Johnson Controls' P2000 access control system is a real-time, security management platform that can take business security to the next level.

Johnson Controls P2000



The P2000 security management system helps buildings achieve maximum security while increasing efficiencies and lowering costs. Built on open standards and compatible with virtually any third party program, the P2000 can integrate multiple businesses, buildings and security systems to achieve interactive, real-time security management.

​The P2000’s built-in web browser allows users to access the platform from a central location — or remotely, through web-connected devices. Plus, the system’s graphical interface is intuitive and easy to use.

Access Control

  • Johnson Controls P2000

  • CloudGate

Key Features

The P2000 works with virtually all current or future security products, system technologies, and IT networks, including:

  • Mercury Hardware, making it easy to change security solution providers.

  • Digital Video Recorders that manage recording, camera, and storage functions from a single workstation.

  • Metasys® Building Automation System, allowing you to include real-time access and security data.

  • HR Databases that integrate your badging system with your HR database to simplify security operations and reduce human error.

  • Intelligent IP Door Locks, streamlining installation and enabling real-time communications where it’s difficult to install wired locks.

  • IP Intercoms that combine live video, intercom requests and open-door functionality in one workstation.

  • Intrusion Panels, enable extended control and auditing of your facility’s doors.

  • Elevator High-Level Interfaces that enable access control integration with your elevator system.

How to Integrate?

Please contact CloudGate technical support team for assistance.

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