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Secure touchless, access control for buildings and spaces




Implement everywhere, manage from anywhere Openpath’s agile mobile access control solution with remote management capabilities enhance safety at every level without sacrificing convenience. Openpath is an access control system providing secure touchless, access control for buildings or spaces via a key card or mobile device. Openpath’s hands-free touchless technology means users can keep their phone in their pocket, walk up to a door and wave their hand to unlock any door. With encryption at every level and powerful, user-level permissions, Openpath Access is both more secure and more dynamic than traditional systems.

Access Control

  • CloudGate Platform

  • Openpath Hardware & Software

Key Features
  • Unlock the door directly from the app or by waving your hand in front of the reader

  • Limit access to users who have booked a 'Personal Space' and enforce space capacity limits

  • Openpath is cloud-based and managed via a web browser

  • Openpath's open API framework allows you to integrate with all the systems you use every day

How to Integrate?

Contact CloudGate technical support team for the integration.

More Info

Openpath Website