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Soloinsight and Titan Security Group Unite to Elevate Security with Employee Badge in Apple Wallet


Nov 30, 2023

Innovative Access Control: Titan Security Group Implements Soloinsight's CloudGate for Enhanced Mobile Credential Management.

Chicago, IL, November 2023 — Soloinsight Inc., a pioneer in enhancing workplace experiences and governance with its innovative access management and physical identity security solutions, is excited to announce its partnership with Titan Security Group. Through this collaboration, the CloudGate platform empowers Titan Security Group employees to access their daily office space using employee badge in Apple Wallet on their iPhone and Apple Watch, thus eliminating the need for traditional physical access cards.


"Soloinsight is delighted to partner with Titan Security Group, introducing employee badges in Apple Wallet.", stated Farhan Masood, President of Soloinsight Inc. "Our CloudGate platform equips Titan Security Group with a dynamic, scalable solution for employee access management, enhancing both the security and convenience of their workplace environments."


Soloinsight’s CloudGate Platform goes beyond identity and access management. It emerges as a comprehensive platform offering a suite of services tailored for enterprises. These include enterprise visitor management for effective visitor oversight, enterprise capacity management for space allocation and monitoring, and advanced solutions like enterprise space reservation and management systems. The platform also ventures into enterprise smart parking, mobile credentials, and emergency mustering, further solidifying its versatility.


Titan Security Group, a renowned provider of comprehensive security services to commercial and residential clients, stands out for its commitment to adopting innovative security technologies. By adopting CloudGate, Titan Security Group demonstrate its unwavering dedication to offering employees a secure, convenient workplace access method.


“By adopting the innovative technology in CloudGate for Apple Wallet employee badges, we are not only able to further enhance the security of accessing our workplace, but also make it an easy-to-use solution for all of our employees,” said Craig Murrian, Director of Operations for Titan Electronics. “We are confident that incorporating this solution and allowing access control via iPhone and Apple Watch will not only be a point of convenience for our employees but help position Titan as an innovative partner to new and existing clients in need of the latest access control solutions.”


About Soloinsight Inc.

Soloinsight Inc. stands at the forefront of the Physical Identity & Access Management (PIAM) industry. Soloinsight specialize in delivering innovative mobile access solutions that perfectly balance robust security with remarkable efficiency. Our commitment is to redefine the landscape of workflow-based access management through advanced technologies, setting new standards in the field. Our flagship offering, the CloudGate Platform, exemplifies our innovative approach. This platform is a testament to our capability in revolutionizing access management across a variety of sectors, including corporate, healthcare, education, and large-scale enterprises. “Securing Access, Empowering Identity” is not just a slogan; it reflects our unwavering commitment to a safer and more streamlined future in Physical Identity & Access Management. Follow our social media for updates and news.


About Titan Security Group

Titan launched in 1994 with a vision for a better way to provide security services to communities. Today, we provide security services to 10 states in the Midwest and Southeastern United States. We employ more than 3,600 security staff and have enjoyed over twenty-nine consecutive years of successfully serving our clients across a wide range of industries. Titan utilizes a personalized approach to service, crafting customized security plans that align with our client’s objectives. Our holistic approach combines traditional security staffing with cutting-edge electronic security systems, ensuring integrated and efficient security solutions—all from a single, trusted source. To learn more, visit us on our website, LinkedIn and Facebook 



SOURCE Soloinsight, Inc.

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