Apple Wallet works with any access control system.
CloudGate brings employee badges in Apple Wallet on iPhone and Apple Watch

Apple Wallet meets
Access Control.

Boost employee governance and experience across your organization with the ease of Apple Wallet integrated into the CloudGate App.

Save your mobile key right on your iPhone or Apple Watch, along with your digital credit and debit cards.


Tishman Speyer
Vornado Reality Trust
The Home Depot - THD
CVS Health - CVS Aetna
Schneider Electric
Marathon Oil
EQO - Equity Office - Willis Towers
Coca Cola

An administrator can assign and customize user access privileges on the CloudGate platform, integrated into a PACS solution like Lenel, S2, CCURE, Schneider Electric Security Expert, Genetec, AMAG, OpenPath and many more.


Once permissions have been added to the mobile credential, users can drop the digital badge into the Apple Wallet app to sync the credential into their Apple account.

Effortless Implementation

With CloudGate, your NFC badges will be customized and distributed, and PACS permissions will be automatically assigned. The badge grants access to buildings, offices, and facilities.

Use your iPhone or Apple Watch to unlock

The user can simply hold their device near an NFC-enabled door reader to gain access to secured areas after adding their key to Apple Wallet.

Apple Express Mode

The badge in Apple Wallet can be used without unlocking the device. Simply tap your iPhone on the reader and go!


Using Apple Wallet with CloudGate

Unlock the doors with your iPhone.

Works even when the battery is drained fully!

Employee badges in Apple Wallet powered by CloudGate

New recruits do not have to wait for building credentials and access like they do with physical cards.


Rather than carrying keys and cards, keep your access badge on your phone.


Speedy ingress and egress without digging through your wallet. The iPhone or Apple Watch does not need to be woken up or unlocked when in "Express Mode."


Security is a top priority for CloudGate. When your phone is lost, CloudGate automatically suspends your access credentials if it is marked as lost

Slimmer Wallet

Get rid of plastic access cards.

Your Apple Wallet is the perfect place to store your mobile keys securely.

Slimmer Wallet - No more plastic access cards - CloudGate Apple Wallet
iPhone Low Battery Apple Wallet - Unlock Office with CloudGate

Power reserve mode allows you to use your access badge even when your battery runs out or your device needs to be recharged, just like Apple Pay.

Missing iPhone

The Apple Watch may be used to gain access to buildings and doors even without an iPhone. A wireless signal is not required for access, as with Apple Pay.

Employee Badge in Apple Wallet on Apple Watch powered by CloudGate

The integration with Apple Wallet is available for any access control systems.

S2 Security
Software House C-Cure
Johnson Controls P2000
RS2 Access It! (ACRE)
Honeywell Pro-Watch
Schneider Electric, Security Expert

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