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Redefining Security: Embracing Zero Trust in Physical Safeguarding

Bridging the Abyss: Uniting Physical and Cyber Security in a Digital World.

In a world where cyber threats are becoming more intricate and hybrid work models are the norm, the landscape of workplace security is undergoing a radical transformation. The traditional paradigms of perimeter defense and inherent trust fall short in safeguarding organizations against these burgeoning risks. The Zero Trust security model emerges as a beacon of resilience, operating on the presumption that potential threats could originate from anywhere - be it within or beyond the corporate sanctuary. It mandates a relentless verification of identities and access rights before granting entry to any resources.

Physical Identity and Access Management (PIAM): A Pillar of Zero Trust

At the heart of Zero-Trust Physical Security lies Physical Identity and Access Management (PIAM). This indispensable tool serves as a centralized hub, steering the management of physical identities and access permissions. It empowers organizations to meticulously craft access controls, uphold the principles of minimal privilege, and automate security protocols.

Zero Trust is not just a technology shift, it's a cultural shift. It's about moving away from the idea that we can trust everything inside the perimeter and towards a model where we verify everything before granting access.

Navigating Through the Quagmire: Overcoming Traditional Security Hurdles

The landscape of traditional physical security is fraught with challenges, from isolated data repositories spread across various departments, leading to a fragmented view of security health, to manual processes prone to errors and vulnerabilities. Additionally, ensuring adherence to intricate physical security regulations remains a Herculean task.

Unleashing the Power of Advanced Zero-Trust Physical Security

In this intricate security maze, advanced PIAM solutions shine as a beacon of innovation. They not only democratize access management, allowing employees to steer their physical access rights and reduce the load on IT teams but also meticulously log all physical access events, ensuring a robust audit trail. These solutions extend their capabilities to asset management, ensuring a holistic approach to security.

Noman Faisal, Chief Product and Technology Officer at Soloinsight highlights the criticality of Physical Identity and Access Control, stating, “PIAM enhances the workplace experience by integrating Zero Trust security principles, providing seamless access control and visibility to support a safe and efficient environment for employees.”

A Glimpse into the Future: CloudGate’s Revolutionary Impact

CloudGate, a pioneering cloud-based physical identity and access management solution, exemplifies this advanced approach, streamlining physical security and automating intricate workflows. It ensures centralized identity management, granular access control, and strict adherence to least privilege principles, while also managing visitor access and employee transitions seamlessly. A leading financial services company, upon integrating CloudGate, witnessed a 20% reduction in physical security costs and a staggering 50% enhancement in compliance posture.

Securing Tomorrow: CloudGate for Hybrid Work Models

The advent of hybrid work models necessitates a reimagining of physical security strategies. CloudGate is paramount in this context, ensuring the safeguarding of physical assets and personnel, irrespective of their geographical presence.

As per a Forrester survey, 70% of security professionals are in consensus, projecting Zero Trust as the future of security. Gartner’s forecast aligns with this vision, predicting the global physical security market to burgeon from $1.8 billion in 2022 to a staggering $3.2 billion by 2026. Furthermore, a Ponemon Institute study underscores the financial implications, placing the average cost of a data breach at $4.35 million.


The Zero Trust security model is revolutionizing workplace security by treating all users and devices as potential threats, requiring continuous verification. Physical Identity and Access Management (PIAM) systems like CloudGate are pivotal in this shift, offering centralized management of access privileges and enhancing compliance and audit capabilities. Traditional security models are inadequate due to information silos and manual errors. Adopting the CloudGate PIAM solution within a Zero Trust framework can help organizations slash security-related expenses by as much as 20% and bolster compliance efforts by up to 50%—crucial adjustments for the flexible realities of hybrid work environments. Industry experts predict Zero Trust to be the definitive future of security, with the PIAM market expected to almost double by 2026, reflecting the critical need for enhanced physical security in a digital world.

Take the Next Step in Secure Access Management

Don't wait for a breach to rethink your security strategy. Embrace the future of Zero Trust with CloudGate Physical Identity & Access Management. Transform your organization's security culture, minimize risks, and stay ahead of compliance demands with advanced access management and verification protocols. Reach out to our security experts at Soloinsight for a consultation and see how you can reduce costs and elevate your compliance and security posture today.

Book a 30-minute demo with our expert and discuss the use cases for your organization.

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